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Conserve Water

New Conservation Rules & Regulations

Currently, there are no new Conservation Rules & Regulations

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There are a variety of ways to conserve water, that not only helps your community, but your pocketbook as well.

We encourage residents to install and use water saving devices and plumbing fixtures, and convert to or install water efficient landscaping, such as xeriscape.

Are you using more water than you thought? Take a look at your bill. The average daily water use in our district is 267 - 400 gallons per day.

You may be surprised at how much water and money you could save by following some conservation tips!

Please use the hypertext links below to find some wonderful tips for both indoor and outdoor water use savings, a water sipping plant section, as well as interesting water facts.

Indoor Water Use

Outdoor Water Use

Landscaping (Firewise)


Statewide Emergency - 2016

California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. declared a Statewide Emergency due to current drought conditions.

  Please refer to the following hypertext links for information on water conservation:

(1) TheGovernor's press release:  

(2) The Association of California Water Agencies'  (ACWA) publication

"Sustainability From the Ground Up    Groundwater Management in California  – A Framework – 


(3) The California Institute for Water Resources:  http://ciwr.ucanr.edu/.


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