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Requests for Proposals

Effective Saturday, October 25, 2014,
the Circle Oaks County Water District hereby exercises its option to cancel the Request For Proposal
which had a release date of 7/15/2014.


The following deadline changes to the above RFP document are effective as of 10-06-2014.

  The deadline changes reflect the necessity of District Board/Staff work in responding to the Walt Ranch Vineyard Conversion Draft E.I.R.

Deadline Changes within Selection Process and Timeframe section (page 5)
The District extended the selection process timeline as follows:

 Event Deadline
  Review of Proposals by Board/Staff Tuesday, October 7th  Tuesday, October 21st 
  Issuance of the Notice of Intent to Recommend
 Friday, October 10th
 Friday, October 24th 
  Submittal Deadline for Protest to Notice of Intent to Recommend
 Friday, October 17th Friday, October 31st
 Submittal Deadline for Appeal to COCWD Board of Protest Decision
 Friday, October 31st
 Friday, November 14th
  Complete Contract Negotiations
 Friday, November 7th  Friday, November 21st 
  Manage the Transition Process
 Saturday, November 8th through Friday, November 28th
 Saturday, November 22nd through Friday, December 12th

RFP Addendum:  Questions and Answers pertaining to RFP

Question 1:  According to the RFP, page 6, questions are due in by 8/4/2014 and the answers to questions will be answered by 8/8/2014.  However, the proposals are due on 8/8/2014.  How does the COCWD intend the responders to have time to consider the responses and make a well thought-out proposal with the overlapping dates?  Can the response date be moved up to 8/5/2014 or the proposal date delayed to 8/15/2014?

Answer 1:  As posted on the COCWD website under “RFP: Operations and Maintenance Svcs”, the date for posting answers has been moved from 8/8/2014 to 8/11/2014.  The deadline for submitting proposals has been moved from 8/11/2014 to 8/20/2014.


Question 2:  The existing contractor, Phillips & Associates, was not notified of either the conference call on 7/21/2014 or the pre-bid facilities inspection in a timely manner  Phillips & Associates notified both the General Manager and Board President of our complaint of this highly irregular process which excluded a legitimate proposer from equal access to information.  (We reserve the right to pursue this irregularity at a later date as appropriate.)  We request a list of responders and a transcript of all comments, questions and answers provided during both of these sessions be provided immediately.

Answer 2:  The RFP posted on the COCWD website clearly states on page 5, under the heading “Selection Process and Timeframe” a conference call and/or tour are optional and “if requested”.  Only one group requested an conference call and a tour.  An email copy of the RFP was sent to all known interested parties, including the existing contractor, on 7/17/2017.


Question 3:   "Provide high quality water and wastewater services"  What standards will the COCWD use to measure this?  For example: AWWA standards are among the highest and most stringent (but may be unaffordable).  What method of evaluation will be used?

Answer 3:  Provide high quality water and wastewater services including but not limited to the following.

Water Quality:  To the standard that the Roberts filter is capable of when the Roberts filter is operating to specification;

1.      Turbidity under  .6 ntu.  Very clear appearance.  (presently .027 ntu)

2.      No unpleasant tastes or smells

3.      Iron and manganese at low levels

Waste Water:  Operated and Maintained in a safe and efficient manner;

1.      Monitoring and adjusting pond water levels

2.      Dissolved Oxygen (DO) at state recommended levels

3.      Duckweed controlled  (work with GM to maintain control)

The Circle Oaks County Water District is committed to insuring that customers will always have a Dependable, Plentiful and Safe supply of Water.”


Question 4:  "Taking measurements on required variables... required by cognizant government agencies."  Please provide electronic copies all intended regulatory documents specific to the COCWD which lists the exact requirements referred to by this requirement.  Please include both water and wastewater.  (No need to provide general Federal and State laws such as those listed in the California Code of Regulations.  We are requesting those regulations specific to COCWD, such as Wastewater Waste Discharge Requirements, Water Operating Permit, Sanitary Survey Engineers Evaluation, Sanitary Sewer Management Plan, Hazardous Materials Management Plan, etc.)

Answer 4:  COCWD does not maintain electronic versions of the requested documents; however, these documents are on file and available for review at COCWD’s offices.  All responders are both welcome and encouraged to contact the District Secretary at (707) 254-7796 to setup a time to inspect these documents.  If any party would like to receive physical copies of these documents, the party will be responsible for paying for copying and applicable postage costs in advance.  Please note that COCWD does not own a copier capable of making copies of documents of this length.  Accordingly, the cost of duplicating these records will be based on the direct costs of duplication that would be incurred by COCWD at a local copy center. 

Any such request to review the records or for copies should be made immediately.  In addition to any time required to have copies delivered, requester should note that it will take a few work days for COCWD to process requests for copies.  COCWD will not extend the time for responding to the request for proposals because a proposer has not yet received copies of the above documents.


Question 5:  There is nothing in the Scope of Work that mentions discretionary work necessary for the good management, operations and maintenance of the utility. The Scope seems entirely focused on the minimum regulatory requrements.  Are tasks such items such as grounds maintenance, weed control, process control testing, valve exercising, etc.  Please verify this was excluded delibrately or provide a detailed list of tasks for bidding purposes.

Answer 5:  COCWD’s General Manager will contract separately for maintenance and other work that is deemed to be outside the scope of work expressly set forth in the resulting contract with the selected operations management company.   Specifically, it is anticipated that the General Manager will  hire separate contractors for weed abatement, pest control, grounds maintenance, inspections/maintenance on the two pump motors, valve testing, and other such work.  The General Manager will contact the selected operations management company when their is a system problem which requires ground work and the General Manager’s written pre-approval will be required for any subcontracted work by the selected operations management company.    Proposers are encouraged to list any work they believe would appropriately be subcontracted out in an attachment to their response to the request for proposals as well as estimated costs and additional charges (i.e. carrying costs) for such work.


Question 6:  "Maintaining COCWD equipment and assets".  To what standard?

Answer 6:  Maintain equipment and assets in good working order and maintained to reasonable standards such that they meet or exceed the life expectancy of the equipment and assets to ensure the lowest long term costs to the District.   Be responsible for any damage to operating equipment and fixed assets done by the staff of the operations management company.


Question 7:  "Working with COCWD... to reduce the seven day...schedule..."  This is ambiguous as this will likely require a new Operations Plan.  This is a lengthy technical document generally performed by an engineer or top level operator.  Does the COCWD intend to author this document or is the COCWD asking the proposal price to include the cost of preparing a new Operations Plan?  (By example:  Napa Highlands had an Operations Plan prepared by Summit Engineers and has since had some 4 months of technical back and forth with the CDPH engineers.  It is still not resolved.  I would estimate the price tag for consultants and staff time is well over $25,000 at this point)

Answer 7:  This is a good example of “best efforts”  This information tells COCWD that accomplishing a reduction in on-site days is currently out of the scope of what we can achieve in the next few years.  We can remove this concern from being a budget item for at least the next year or two.  It is a project we may want to start budgeting in the future.


Question 8:  Can you provide a copy of the permits and any reports (NOV’s, etc.) for the Circle Oaks County Water District facility and ponds?

Answer 8: The following permits are available for viewing in our office and on our website.  (WWW.COCWD.ORG)

     -  County of Napa Consolidated Annual Operating Permit dated 11-20-2013 Dept of Planning,Building & Environmental Services

     -  County of Napa Consolidated Annual Operating Permit (Water) dated 11-20-2013 Dept of Planning, Building & Environmental Services

     -  State of California Permit to Operate Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank (Booster Stn #1) dated 07-07-2014Dept of Industrial Relations

     -  State of California Permit to Operate Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank (Booster Stn #2) dated07-07-2014 Dept of Industrial Relations


Question 9:  Do you have a copy of the WDR (Waste Discharge Requirement)?

Answer 9:  The WDRs and revised Monitoring and Reporting Program are available for viewing in COCWD's office and on our website.

     -     WDR 94-097 and revised Monitoring and Reporting Program

Question 10:   Can you confirm that the submittal date for the proposal has changed to the 18th of August before 5 pm?

Answer 10:  The RFP timeline dates are updated on the COCWD web site when any changes occur.  Specifically the new deadline for submitting Proposals is August 20th.