Rates & Billing

Service charges are added on-top of usage:

Monthly sewer service charges: $72.15

Monthly water service charges: $72.00

Billing Date: All accounts are billed on or about the 5th of the month.

Due Date: Accounts are due and payable upon receipt. Any bill paid after the last day of the billing month is delinquent and is subject to late charges and disconnection of service..

Late Charge: A penalty of 10% will be assessed on delinquent accounts at the end of the billing month.

Delinquent Notice: At the end of the second month in which a bill is delinquent, the bill generated will inform the resident that he has a delinquent balance and a second 10% late charge will be added, At this point the resident is 60 days past the due date and 30 days delinquent. The bill will state that the payment is due within 10 days,

RED TAG:. If no payment is received in 10 days as specified, a "Red Tag" will be placed on the front door of the residence informing the occupant that if no payment is received in 72 hours, the water will be disconnected. No payment within 72 hours will result in the water being disconnected and padlocked. A $300. reconnection fee will be charged,

DISPUTED BILLS: If a customer claims that the bill is incorrect, the customer should contact the office immediately and request a review of the claim. If the person on duty believes the District has correctly stated the amount owed, the customer should pay the amount on the bill, under protest if necessary, and request further review by the Board of Directors. The action by the Board of Directors shall be final and conclusive.

Renters Exception. Renters of Circle Oaks property will be handled differently due to the difficulty in collecting from renters when they leave the district. A deposit of $300.00 will be collected from renters when a request is received to place an account in their name and before the renter occupies the home. The deposit will be refunded in full when all water and sewer charges are paid in full and the renter moves from the home. If the renter leaves with a balance due, the deposit will be applied to the balance due.

Lien on Property. In the event a customer does not comply with our payment policy and whether we have disconnected service or not, the Board of Directors has the authority to file a lien against the property to recover all unpaid balances.