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Sewer Cleaning & Inspection

The Circle Oaks County Water District may offer sewer services to current Circle Oaks County Water District customers. This service is provided at a discounted rate comparable to average market rates.. We understand it is difficult for many resident's to afford service in such a rural area, so we hope that these services will assist with that.


Services will be billed to your account (no money due at time of service) and due at the end of the following billing cycle. The rates are as follows:

SERVICEHydro Jetting Sewer Camera
COST PER HOUR $200 $100
DESCRIPTIONHydrojet services may be useful for removing large clogs or heavily packed clogs in lines with a diameter between 2" and 10". The Hydrojet uses high pressure water to wash the inside walls of the sewer line and cut through most types of material that may be blocking the line. It is the most effective way to clear a line. Camera Services are availbe to customers for multiple different reasons. Unfortunately the ground around Circle Oaks is constantly moving, and often this causes breaks or bends in lines. Having your line inspected with a camera is the most efficient way of diagnosing issues within your sewer line. Recordings are free on request.


None of these services are garanteed to permanently fix any issues you may have with your line. The services are also not garanteed to be available in every situation or location. Services will only be available if the situation is evaluated by district staff & is found to be reasonably servicable.